How much do you charge and how can I be confident you will work to my budget?
I will always provide a detailed quotation for work based on your brief. I will only start work once you have confirmed that you would like to proceed and agree to my terms and conditions. I will keep you informed as to the amount of time spent at each stage of the project. I adjust my pricing down as well as up and will alter final invoices accordingly.

What if I need my project in a hurry?
That’s no problem, if you let me know your timescales I will always endeavor to deliver on these dates.

Can I make changes to the design?
Yes, my quotations include for two sets of client amends, we all change our minds sometimes – it’s not a problem.

Can you arrange printing and distribution of my printed material?
Yes that’s no problem, I have strong relationships with local and national companies who I employ and can manage on your behalf.

I also need photography, can you supply this too?
Yes, I can supply photographic services and art direction, just let me know and I can add this to your quotation.

What if I need to cancel the project before it’s finished?
All cancelled jobs will be invoiced at 90% of the agreed fee.

How do you take payment?
Payments are to be made via bank transfers.